trustME in collaboration with MoneySQ; a pioneering financial institution in Hong Kong has join force to provide an innovative SME financing services using Blockchain technology.

This financing service platform is created to address this cocktail of pain points currently faced by SMEs:

  • Lack of collaterals, poor or lack of credit history
  • No audited accounts and lack of past financial records
  • Complicated loan application process and prolonged access to fund
  • Spectrum of funding alternatives are limited

Leveraging trustME’s blockchain platform enables MoneySQ to deliver an improved financial service with greater transparency, reliability, secure and lean application process.

This collaboration allows MoneySQ to simplify the user experience by making it faster and easier for SME to access capital. This means filling up mountains of paper work and onerous requirements is a thing of the past.With Blockchain technology, the platform works as a network and connects to businesses’ point-of-sale (POS) infrastructure to use real-time transactional data for scoring, risk control, credit assessment, and automate loan repayment. It also allows access to financial data such as account receivable and inventory in near real-time to allow holistic view on SME business transactions with accountability and transparency. This will not only speed up the lending process but reduce complex paperwork. Our Blockchain platform provides authentic financial data, enables MoneySQ to analyze the business performance of SMEs in near real-time. With the use of big data analytics on prospect data allows MoneySQ to fully utilize this business intelligence to customize a financing option best suited for each SME.

Our platform connects small businesses, investors and service providers in a blockchain supported ecosystem.