Currently on the market, security features implemented through transactions needs to be improved, part of the transaction fees is to authenticate.

The steps to authenticate product is a prolonged and tedious process. The cost to implement such security features is high and difficult to sustain (e.g., easily duplicate and copied). trustME’s solution allows users to first authenticate product easily by simply using their smartphones to scan the smart tag (e.g., QR codes or NFC). Through such security features, we can build a higher level of trust between brand and consumer and at the same time.

At the same time we can utilise big data to formulate and pin point effective marketing solutions.


using blockchain technology security:

  • Reliable
    Data is stored on the blockchain cloud and cannot be manipulated.
  • Ease of Use
    The transaction record is completely transparent and cannot be replicated.
  • Universal
    Can be globally accessible through our trustME app
  • Low Cost, High Efficiency
    More efficient than current offers in the current market

Download below: